In a sea of social media data, you need to make sense of what you’re hearing. Kaypok is a partner-ready, root-cause analytics engine positioned to refine the market — while others tell you what and how many, we can also tell you why.

Proven Performance

Evolving out of a York University lab and commercialized through partnership with MaRS Innovation, we have real-world case studies with leading financial, entertainment and communications companies.

Completely Secure

We use a tier 1, bank-grade data cantre, or we can provide an on-site solution so that your data never leaves your facility.

Unbiased Engine

Kaypok uses a conceptual natural language process to automatically interpret the meaning of your raw data — no need for analysts or lag time.

Actionable Results

Kaypok identifies the issue, organizes and prioritizes results, and provides the "why" — ready for you to act on it.

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By Kailee Travis (@bawskailee) In a few short days, big screen film’s finest producers, actors and studio heads arrive to walk Toronto’s streets. From the Princess of Wales Theatre to the Bell Lightbox, talk will…

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Need help buying a kayak?

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Steve

Our founder, Razieh Niazi, is an avid camper. Recently she was shopping around for a kayak and found herself in need of help assessing some product information. Users of this particular kayak left various comments,…

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