Razieh is the fierce and determined founder and CTO of Kaypok, a technology she built while conducting her PhD research at York University. She is a successful entrepreneur, having founded her third company, with 14 years of product management and development experience. Razieh brings unlimited passion and perseverance to the team.

Atul has over 20 years of leadership as both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur under his belt. Atul’s knowledge of product development and go-to-market strategies make him a powerful business force at the Kaypok helm.

Steve is an expert in interactive design and impeccable user experiences in the digital space, gleaned both from his academic pursuits and his decade as Director of Interactive for Teletoon Canada.  Steve’s credentials and desire for excellence make him the perfect fit for Kaypok.

Tessa is a consummate client service professional and process-driven thinker. Tessa experienced in delivering large-scale initiatives across multiple sectors and is focused on ensuring that our clients receive great value and a great Kaypok experience.

Brindha is a certified Java developer and has a passion for introducing new ideas and makings things better. Brinda’s desire to push the status quo makes her a valued Kaypok team member.

Luz is a certified Java developer with a love for learning. Luz’s inquisitive mind and comfort in change are the ingredients needed in the Kaypok entrepreneurial environment.

Joana studied graphic design and spent countless hours in a data visualization lab, providing the foundation for her work at Kaypok. Joana brings a simple and elegant design sensibility to her work and to the Kaypok brand.

Jacqueline is the bridge between design and functionality with a background in both areas of expertise. Jacqueline is committed to the best possible user experience for every Kaypok product.

  • Get out from under the data avalanche. Focus on the insights that really matter to your business.

  • Harness the wisdom of your customers and the crowd. Find out what people are saying, why and what they really mean.

  • Sharpen your customer and subject matter expertise. Easily manage content from multiple sources to find what you want, when you want it. including social media, customer service, CRM, WebChat, blogs and emails.

  • There are over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated each day. And much of it is hitting your desk and inbox.*

    The volume, variety and velocity of the content that people are being asked to understand can often leave them overwhelmed or paralyzed.

    Market researchers are searching for simple and cost-effective methods to analyze the open-ended responses that add colour and texture to quantitative analytics.

    Subject matter experts are trying to keep up with the latest trends and knowledge content that they need to monitor and share.

    Customer service teams cannot easily access key customer feedback themes to create more engaged and satisfied customers.

    Product and brand managers want to understand what is being said and why, without pre-conceived biases of what may be important.

    Kaypok Inc. is dedicated to solving these problems through our next generation content analytics technology, bringing power and control into the hands of each of our users. We make it easy.

    The Kaypok Engine

    At the heart of each of our products is the Kaypok Engine, a high performance content analytics algorithm, that goes above and beyond other systems. We return robust and more transparent results with the added benefits that:

    Kaypok products require no training. The system is self-learning and the user interface intuitive.

    You can find the unknown. No need to fear that you’ve biased the results or that you’ve missed something because the Kaypok Engine defines what to search for.

    Kaypok Insight

    Kaypok Insight is a revolutionary tool that gives you valuable insight from text-based content. You need a tool that combines and understands multiple channels (such as social media, customer service records, CRM notes, web chats, emails, blogs, and user reviews). You need a tool that makes content analytics easy. You need Kaypok Insight.

    Read about the exciting features of Kaypok Insight.

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    Kaypok Briefly

    Kaypok Briefly allows you to review large numbers of textual records. It helps you manage your time, identify important records, and provide you with details so you can take action.

    Join a growing number of people who are enjoying the benefits of Kaypok Briefly – free up your time and focus on what’s important. Sign up today.


    We are a combination of street smarts and academic minds. We are lean, nimble and we understand our customers. We are exceptional developers. We are user experience experts. We are holders of patents and PhDs. We visualize information. We provide insight. We are driven. We are focused. We are entrepreneurs. We are Kaypok.


    Founder & CTO




    VP, User Experience &
    Product Management


    VP, Client Services &


    Software Engineer


    Software Engineer




    UI Designer & Developer

    Our Advisors & Supporters

    Salim Teja,

    EVP Ventures for MaRS

    Mike Betts,

    MaRS Innovation

    Anoop Madhok,

    Strategy + Scotiabank Chair
    in International Business & Entrepreneurship,
    Schulich School of Business

    Company Profile

    Read more about how we help you find what you need – data insight and root causes.

    This sales sheet describes how Kaypok provides the next generation of unstructured text analytics solutions for organizations. The technology analyzes data regardless of source, including public social media, proprietary internal data, customer surveys, email, and blogs. We take intelligence gathering and decision making to the next level.

    Kaypok Briefly
    Sales Sheet

    Read more about Kaypok Briefly which allows you to review large numbers of textual records. It helps you manage your time, identify important records, and provide you with details so you can take action.

    Kaypok Briefly imports records in a variety of formats (such as URLs, PDF documents, search results, and RSS feeds), then provides a short summary with a list of key topics, and identifies sentiment (positive or negative).

    Case Study:
    Purchasing a kayak

    Our founder, Razieh Niazi, is an avid camper. Recently she was shopping around for a kayak and found herself in need of help assessing some product information. Users of this particular kayak left various comments, but she wanted to get a quick sense of what they were saying. So we decided to pull the comment data into Kaypok for help. Here’s what we found.

    Design Notes:
    Circular Graphs

    Time for dessert: do you prefer a pie or a donut? When should we eat a dessert like this? And what are the factors you should consider before either of these treats?

    The use of such circle-based visualization can be helpful when representing proportional data, since it allows the comparison of a category to the whole and – to a lesser degree – to other categories.

    November, 1

    Companies are drowning in a sea of big, unstructured, noisy data. Whether it’s social media chatter, email or survey results, how do you filter the noise and take action?
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    April 12

    Kaypok opens offices in downtown Toronto
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    July 15

    The first of a series of blog posts discussing the power of Kaypok’s products was launched. “This gives us a chance to not only share our experiences using the products we’re developing, “ explained Steve Szigeti...
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    October 27

    The first blog posts analyzed twitter feeds related to the Honda Indy, which takes place every July in Toronto. Other blog posts will look at Comic-Con Convention, and what Kaypok has learned in the process of designing interfaces and visualizations of data.
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